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Fisheye Lenses

These lenses are great for use in twin rigs or in an RBT camera for an immersive stereo experience.  If you purchase two lenses we will match as close as possible using our RBT camera.  These are very sharp and fun for fisheye effects.

16 mm Fisheye

Zenitar-K", M, 2.8/16 ("Fish Eye") super wide angle lens gives excellent wide angle result with no black area of the photograph.  This allows for easy metering and provides unique creative possibilities for artistic photography. The lens is available with both an M42 screw mount and a K bayonet mount.

The 10-components construction of the lenses with its small size and light weight guarantees the excellent results including the ability to render the small-size details of the object. 

Relative aperture f/2.8 - f/22
Flange base 45.5 mm for 'K' and 'M'
Field of view (diagonally) 180
Close focus 0.3 m (1 foot)
Lens buildup 10 lenses in 7 components
Center resolution 60 lines/mm
Filter thread 26 mm
Dimensions 63 x 49 mm
Camera mount 'K' bayonet or M42x1 thread
Weight 0.310 kg
8415 16mm Fisheye (Pentax K-mount)  179.95
8416 16mm Fisheye (Pentax K-mount) Pair  299.95
8417 16mm Fisheye M42-Screw Mount OUT OF STOCK 175.95
8418 16mm Fisheye M42-Screw Mount Pair OUT OF STOCK 299.95


20mm Fisheye

This fisheye has slightly smaller field of view than the 16mm Fisheye but a much larger element.  It also has no black area in the corners of the photograph to affect metering.  It works with Pentax screw mount cameras including our Zenit 312.
Focal length 20 mm
Relative aperture f/3.5 - f/16
Flange base 45.5 mm
Field of view (diagonally) 96
Close focus 0.18 m
Lens buildup 9 lenses in 8 components
Filter thread 28 mm
Dimensions 78 x 55 mm
Camera mount M42x1 thread (also called Pentax Screw Mount
Weight 0.390 kg


8419 20mm Mir Fisheye, M42-Screw Mount 179.95


Lens Set "MC Zenitar -K, -M" 2/50

        Photoset "MC Zenitar -K, -M" 2/50

This set consists of: 

Lens "MC Zenitar -K,-M" 2/50 (normal lens) 

Optical attachment MACRO 1:5-1:2.5 (scales) 

Optical attachment MACRO 1:2.5- 1:1.5 (scales) 
Turn-over ring Adapter ring (with screw mount M460.75 and M520.75) 
UV light filter 
ND4 light filter 
CROSS GREEN light filter ("sidereal", 4-radial) 
SNOW CROSS light filter ("sidereal", 6-radial) 
SUNNY CROSS light filter ("sidereal", 8-radial) 

The lens "MC Zenitar-K, -M" 2/50 in different combinations with optical attachments allows to make macro survey in scales from 1:5 to 1:1. The UV filter can be used for weakening inadvertent exposure by UV beams while surveying the mountain and sea scenery, while clouds surveying against a background of the sky. ND4 is a neutral light filter, it takes up all colors equally and has a coefficient of transmission is 0.25. The light filters CROSS GREEN, SNOW CROSS, SUNNY CROSS give 4- ,6-, 8- radial from each source.  These give cross or star effects from point of light sources.  These filters will work on any 50mm, 46mm or 52mm filter thread when using adaptor!

8310 M50 Lens Set 124.95

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