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Sony Playstation 2 – Compliant Games



Game Titles that have met our compliancy – These are Perfect Games in 3D

C5 - Half Life (Perfect) (reversed) A5 – Killswitch (Perfect) B5 – Time Splitters 2 (Perfect)

C5 – Aero Elite Combat Academy (Perfect) B – Bounty Hunter (Perfect) C4 – 007 Agent Under Fire (Perfect)

B5 – Top Gun (perfect) C5 – Ace Combat 4 (Perfect) C5 – Ace Combat 5 (Perfect)

B5 – Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Perfect) C5 – DropShip (Perfect) B5 – Time Splitters (Perfect)

C4 – Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix (Perfect) A3 – D.N.A (Perfect) C5 – Coliseum – Road To Freedom

C5 - Time Splitters Future Perfect


Games titles that are refining there compliancy – Now Very Good In 3D


A4 – Mark Of Kri (Zoom) (very good)

Good 3D only in zoom mode. The game play is not effected by the 3D however it could be better game play and much better 3D effect.


A5 – 007 Nightfire (very Good)

Bond is at it again – the 3D effect is strong however some loss of movement is noticeable. The game play is solid and the action is intense.


C1 – Enter the Matrix (very good)

Great 3D effect however the sprite in the center of the screen tends to walk on his (her) own. If you can figure out how to turn off the second person sprite this game would rate a perfect in 3D.


A5 – Myst III Exile (very good)

A game that maybe should not need to be in 3D – gorgeous graphics but not intense game play. This is a solve it game and at times the 3D is an advantage but not required to experience the challenge of solving the game.


C4 – Ratchet and Clank Going Commando (very good)

One of the best game play and style games ever done. Ratchet looses some of his mobility as the game is taxing on the Playstation processor. Excellent 3D effect.


C4 – Dynasty Warriors 5 (good)(hold L1)

Dynasty Warriors is a classic series. Great fighting and action combined with the 3D effect makes this game that much better than the rest. You will need to hold the L1 to go into 3D mode. Great for looking over the battlefields as you prepare for the fight.


C4 – Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal (good)

Once again Ratchet is a great game – the game has style and characters that really make it one of the best on the shelves. The 3D effect is strong but some loss of control is obvious while playing.


C3 – Serge’s Heroes (good) (toggle Select)

Serge is now in 3D. The game has loss of control that makes Serge hard to have full control. The 3D effect is strong but gets in the way of the fast paced game play.


C5 – Shadows of Rome (good)

Excellent 3D other than the actual fight scenes which are rendered cut scenes. The game has no loss of control. The 3D effect is strong.


Perfect: No loss of control and perfect stereoscopic 3D.

Good: A little loss of control but 3D is perfect.

Some: Areas that have good 3D.

Weak: No loss of control but with weak 3D effect

Code Game Title                                                                  Code Game Title

B3 - DefJam Vendetta (some)              A5 - Nascar 2001 (Hud) (Weak)
B4 - Evil Dead Boomstick (ok) (reversed) A4 - Mark Of Kri (Zoom) (good)
C1 - Enter the Matrix (good)             C4 - Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix (Perfect)
C5 - Half Life (Perfect) (reversed)      A3 - D.N.A (Perfect)
C5 - Big Game Hunter (weak)              C-3 - Silpheed (weak)
B5 - Red Faction (weak)                  C4 - Ready 2 Rumble (weak)
A5 - Killswitch (Perfect)                C4 - Fur Fighter Viggos Revenge (weak)
A5 - XIII (weak)                         C4 - Extermination (weak)
A5 - 007 Nightfire (Good)                B5 - Time Splitters (Perfect)
B5 - Shinobi (weak)                      C4 - Jet Li Rise to Honor (weak)
A4 - Metal of Honor (weak)               C5 - Medal of Honor Frontline (weak)
B - Bounty Hunter (Perfect)              C4 - Dynasty Warriors 1 (good)(hold L1)
B5 - Time Splitters 2 (Perfect)          C4 - Dynasty Warriors 2 (good)(hold L1)
C4 - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (weak) C4 - Dynasty Warriors 3 (good)(hold L1)
C5 - Aero Elite Combat Academy (Perfect) C4 - Dynasty Warriors 4 (good)(hold L1)
C4 - 007 Agent Under Fire (Perfect)      C4 - Dynasty Warriors 5 (good)(hold L1)
C5 - Devil May Cry 2 (weak)              C3 - Serge's Heroes (good) (toggle Select)
C5 - Galerians Ash (weak)                C3 - Zone Enders (weak)
A5 - Myst III Exile (good)               A5 - Dead or Alive 2 (weak)
B5 - Top Gun (perfect)                   C4 - Ratchet and Clank Going Commando (good)
C4 - Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal (good) C5 - Ace Combat 4 (Perfect)
C5 - Ace Combat 5 (Perfect)              B5 - Lara Croft Tomb Raider (Perfect)
C5 - DropShip (Perfect)                  C5 - Shadows of Rome (Perfect)
C5 - Coliseum - Road To Freedom (Perfect)



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