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All these cameras are new, use 35mm film and come with instructions in English.

Please contact us for pricing and availability

IMPORTANT:  See below for warranty information.

New Fed Cameras

Stereo Cameras, Leica Copies

Also available English translation of the Fed stereo repair manual (covers all models).  Also see the section on modifying the Fed Stereo for full frame.

Fed Stereo Out of stock

The Fed Stereo cameras are the only recently produced stereo cameras made that offer autoexposure and focusing at consumer type prices.  Features include:

Bulb setting of F2.8 for long exposures.

Manual and flash settings available at 1/30 of a second F2.8 up to F16.

The Fed stereo cameras take a pleasing stereo pair in 7P European format (24 x 30mm).

It has automatic exposure for carefree shooting.

"Hot" flash shoe.

Outlet for manual cable release.

Includes manual, camera strap and battery.

Includes case and instructions in English.

Price $299.95

Non Stereo

Fed 5Cfeds5C.jpg (29982 bytes) Available Now

Step into the past with this snazzy retro camera which has Leica features and sturdy construction.  It has the added bonus of having a hot shoe.    According to our research this was originally made as a spy camera  but at over two pounds this camera is anything but compact.  It is a good camera to use for those who want more control than current point and shoot cameras offer.

Leica-style screw mount 55mm f/2.8


"Hot" flash shoe.

thumb lever film advance

focal plane speeds from 1 to 1/500 second

hot shoefed5.jpg (79420 bytes)

auto reset frame counter

Built-in light meter (selenium cell).

horizontal, cloth focal-plane shutter

No Batteries needed!

Includes case and instructions in English.

Price 129.95

Fed 5 Available Now

Same as the Fed 5C with adjustable diapter eyepiece.

Price 134.95

Fed 5B Available Now

Same as the Fed 5C but without any light meter.

fed5b.jpg (83506 bytes)

Price 124.95

Warranty Note:   We give a 30 day exchange or money back warranty on all the cameras on this page.  Please run a test roll (or two) as soon as possible and inform us of any problems.  If there are problems within the first 30 days we will exchange or repair the camera or refund your money.  

Availability Issues:  Due to economic conditions in the Ukraine we cannot guarantee the availability of the cameras.  We will try to keep this page as up to date as possible.


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