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THIS BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION of 12 View-Master reels is made up of 3-D scenes from all of the Netherlands' 12 provinces. This work was created by 3-D Book Productions especially for the Dutch Pavilion at Expo '92 in Seville, Spain. From stereo pairs taken by Harry zur Kleinsmiede, Hugo de Wijs, Jan Voerman, Wim van Keulen, Piet Borsma, and Jeroen de Wijs all over the Netherlands, Harry zur Kleinsmiede and Paul Huf selected the 84 very best for inclusion in this work.

Originally, the folder in which the reels are cased had no text information about the Netherlands; however, Duncan Woods of Cygnus Graphic has prepared a small map of the country and its provinces as well as a short text describing the areas covered by each of the 12 reels. This additional information is affixed to the protective reel covers inside the folder.

After seeing these superb views, we think you'll agree that the Netherlands is indeed one of the prettiest countries in Europe! Whether you're a serious collector of View-Master reel sets, a traveler planning a trip to Holland, or just someone who enjoys beautiful 3-D scenic photography, this work will be appreciated over and over and will be a most valuable addition to your library.

6605 Holland in 3D 69.95

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