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LifeLike Achromat!LifeLike Deep-Vue 3D Viewers

These viewers are great for viewing 3D wedding slides made in the 1940s and 1950s! It is a lighted rbt.jpg (84004 bytes)viewer for viewing 3D Realist format slides,.  the 41 x 101mm, 1-5/8" x 4" (outer dimensions) mount used for almost all stereo slides.

We now also offer the viewer with plastic lenses and a regular bulb.  These viewers are new and currently made.

The LifeLike viewer offers modern features such as:

Automatic illumination.  The light will turn on when a slide is inserted and will turn off when the slide is removed or the viewer is placed on a flat surface.
Rack and pinion focusing. 

The modern design, professional finish and clean white color of the viewer make it ideal for wedding packages and medical applications.  It views Nimslo and Realist format slides. 

312 LifeLike Viewer (plastic lenses) 107.95

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