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 Record and Play Video in the same Digital Device!

The 3D Video Camera and Viewer! -Perfect for YouTube

Closeout-Huge price drop!

Shown with optional Camgrip

3DVID 3D Video Camera and Viewer $695.00


Product Overview
* Video play & display, 2.2 QVGA stereo TFT LCD or VGA binocular stereo display module, play & display 2D/3D video file in AVI form. This camera is standard definition and suitable for web use.

* Squeezed side by side format.  Perfect for 3D output in Youtube.  Simply tag the output "yt3d:enable=true" when uploading the video to Youtube.  Your viewers will be able to choose side-by-side, anaglyph or a multitude of other formats.  No pre-editing required like many other 3D cameras.

* Binocular lenses allow viewing in 3D without glare from the sun in outdoor shooting.   
* 3D dynamic video capture in AVI
* 2D dynamic video capture in AVI

* 3D static image capture in JPG at VGA degree.
* 2D static image capture in JPG
* 2D/3D real-time playback supporting normal 2D/3D photo view
* USB 2.0 high-speed interface
* Support 2D AV OUTPUT
* Build-in SD/MMC, high capacity up to 8G


Movie/Video Capture: real-time MPEG-4 encoding( 3D/2D), stereo mp3 encode and discoed.
Image Capture: JPEG encode/discoed(3D), 2D image up to 3mega pixels.
Memory Support: maximum 8GB capacity of SD/MMC card.
Monitor: Auto stereoscopic  2.2 inch stereo Barrier stereo display LCD no glasses needed!
3D stereo binocular display module
Camera: focal length: wide-angle lens( equivalent to 35mm of optical film camera as the 35mm focal length of the lens)
The two optic axis distance: 60mm
USB Version: 2.0 high speed interface
Audio And Video Interface: A/V output intercalation interface.
Power: built-in power supply: +3.7V 1800mAh, working around two hours continuously.
(binocular-module energy consumption will be much quicker)
External Power: +5V DC power adapter.
Dimensions: 130X142X50MM

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