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Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

First in a series of 2 3 reel sets of the famous New Mexico cave, this set of images is breathtaking and conveys the sense that one gets visiting the cave.  The sheer size and roominess are apparent.  And you can also see the bat cave!

Includes 21 3D views on 3 Viewmaster reels.  In a handy reusable blister pack!


  Carlsbad Caverns N.P. #1


View-Master Reel A

1. Visitor Center.

2. Natural Entrance.

3. Entrance to Bat Cave.

4. Devil's Spring.

5. Whale's Mouth.

6. Baby Hippo.

7. Green Lake Room.

View-Master Reel B

1. veiled Statue.

2. Green Lake.

3. Frozen Waterfall.

4. Bashful Elephant.

5. King's Highway.

6. Eternal Kiss.

7. Keyhole.

View-Master Reel C

1. The Queen's Orchestra.

2. Queen's Draperies.

3. Papoose Draperies.

4. King's Palace.

5. Broken Formations.

6. Crape Arbor.

7. Underground Lunchroom.



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