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TV  Shutterglasses

You just bought a TV or projector and it is labeled 3D ready and you want to know what shutterglasses to use with them.  Unfortunately, there are not one type of glasses that will work with all TVs.  Below you will find tips on which glasses to choose. 


Most 3D Ready DLP projectors and newer Mitsubishi 3D Ready TV's use this technology.  No IR emitter is needed.  More information NEW LOW PRICE

3D Cinema Active Glasses - X102 Home
Samsung LCD/LED/Plasma compatible 3D glasses

These will work with Samsung's non-DLP 3D Tvs and are a price friendly alternative to the glasses offered by Samsung. More information

Samsung 3D LED TVs

Samsung's 2010 3D-ready TVs can only deliver a 3D viewing experience if you're wearing Samsung's 3D Active Shutter Glasses.  This is a proprietary system and only works with these glasses.  The IR emitter is built into the TVs that use this.  More information

samsungactive.jpg (17685 bytes)

3D Sync IR output

Older 3D Ready DLP Samsung and older and newer Mitsubishi DLP TVs (projection TV) that have a 3D output in the back use these type of glasses.  Newer Mitsubishi DLPs can support this and DLP-Link glasses.  All TVs that this will work with will have a tri-pin connector in the back that will say 3D-out.  This connects to an IR emitter that we provide.  More information

Shutterglasses for Standard Definition CRT TVs

These shutterglasses work for old CRTs and have a slower refresh rate than the glasses above.  If you do not have one you will either need to get the IR emitter we offer with these or use a wired version.  More Information



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