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How the shutter glasses work.

Visual Depth

The way humans perceive 3 Dimensions (visual depth) is through the use of both eyes. Each eye sees a slightly offset view of a scene. If you alternate closing your right eye then your left eye (back and forth), you will notice that the objects before you shift position slightly (left to right). The shift in position largely depends on how near or far the objects are from your eyes. This is because each eye sees from its individual vantage point. The two slightly different views are fused together by our brain in a complex way that creates our visual perception of depth.

How do the 3D Glasses work?

In order to simulate depth when playing video games or watching a movie, each of your eyes must see a slightly different image (see A and B below). The two different Right Eye and Left Eye images are presented together via the odd and even horizontal lines of your TV or PC monitor. Without the glasses, you would see a blurry double view of both images, one on top of the other (see Image C below).

Photos A and B below were taken simultaneously with a Stereoscopic camera. The camera has two lenses, side by side, which simulate human vision. Notice the shift in position of the images, foreground to background. This is because of the difference in perspective of each of the camera's left and right lenses. Image C shows a close up of the two views merged together using the odd and even horizontal lines of a computer monitor.

When you view 3D content using these patented 3D glasses, the left and right images are seen clearly, one eye at a time. The way that this is achieved is by rapidly alternating the opening and closing of an LCD (liquid crystal display) lens in front of each eye. While your right eye sees the right image, the left eye is blocked by a darkened LCD lens (or shutter) and vice versa, back and forth. This alternating of images occurs many times a second and your brain fuses these separate images into one truly 3-Dimensional image. The speed of the shutters is set in direct proportion to the refresh rate of your TV or computer monitor. The wired 3D glasses remain in-sync with the image source via a connecting wire to the control box. The wireless 3D glasses accomplish this by receiving an infrared signal from the control box.

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