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3D Products for Shooters, Professionals, Collectors and Hobbyist 

See below for product categories!  Also don't miss the 2021 Virtual 3DCon!  Contact us for details!

Owl Lite

Designed by Brian May, the Lite Owl is so small, thin and light that it can be slipped into a pocket or worn round the neck with a cord so that it is always at hand. It can be used to view modern or vintage stereo cards, stereo illustrations in books and magazines but also 3-D videos and even VR content on your smartphone. MORE INFO

Macrophant 3d 

MacrophantCover.jpg (653261 bytes)

Newest Phantogram Book, longer and incredibly good 3d images!

More Information

6875 Macrophant 3d $34.95


Super 3d!001.jpg (3606374 bytes)

This unique viewer can be used both as a print viewer or a smartphone VR type viewer.  View SBS images on any mobile phone between 4.7 to 6 inch screen size or view the included cards which are laminated on heavy plastic.  The viewer has a unique backlighting system that will illuminate cards which will fit the viewer from the side.  It is powered by 3 watch batteries (included). MORE INFO

Product Categories

Look at all the glasses! 3D Glasses

All types of glasses for all your 3D needs!


This includes the ScreenScope, the Loreo Lite, PinSharp and HyperView large format card viewer. We carry both slide and print viewers for your 3D slides and prints.

mkii_1_800.jpg (69627 bytes)

Cameras, Slide bars and 3d Camera Accessories

This includes the Vivitar 3D CAM, 3D Lens-In-A-Cap, dual cable releases, slide bars for single camera stereo photography, twin bars for twin camera photography and some stereo cameras. 

Shoot 3D Using Your SLR Camera! Loreo Lens in Cap solutions

These are attachments for your SLR film or digital camera which replace the lens and will allow you to shoot 3D.

130S.jpg (232912 bytes) Twin Bars, slide bars and Vertical Mounts

We carry Jasper slide bars, twin bars and vertical mounts for mounting two cameras for stereo photography and stereo video.  

3dworldmount.jpg (12557 bytes)

Mounts and Mounting Supplies

We now offer everything needed for easy mounting of stereo slides.  Slide cutters, light boxes, mounts...

3D Video Gaming and glasses

3D shutter glasses for watching field sequential 3D Video.

592.jpg (30041 bytes) 3D DVD Movies!

See 3D movies at home with these exciting 3D offerings for your TV.  We offer these in field sequential for your CRT or Samsung TVs or Anaglyph for other High Def TVs.

Click here to see many companion products.

Viewer Accessories

Lenses, bulbs and other accessories are featured here.

Versatol.gif (45378 bytes)

3D Projection Screens

Special 3D screens for 3D Polarized projection.

Shown with the Fallingwater Reels. View Master Quality Reels and Books

Books, 1, 3 and 4 reel sets containing View-Master reels.  And a special black View Master viewer.  Also we have the  Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright VM Reels!

Stereo cards and more. 3D Images (slides and stereocard sets)

This includes the 3DIQ Unique stereocard viewing system which includes 20 stereocards in a unique modern format and  StereoCards Sets of reproduction Stereoviews for your Holmes or Holmes type viewer.  Also lorgnettes for viewing Stereo Cards.

pokescope.gif (38476 bytes)

3D Software

Includes Software for making stereo images, anaglyphs and CDs of images. 

lewisandclark.jpg (176050 bytes)

3D CDs

Side by side and anaglyphic image CDs for your computer!


Great stereo books!

3D Books and Posters

Books, posters, and Viewer repair manuals are available here. Also we offer books with the viewing method in them such as Bugs in 3D. Also now we offer Boris Starosta's Overdrive Poster.

Volume 3 - Showtime and Education New

Viewmaster Collectors Books Volume 3 just released, Volumes 1 and 2 are also available!

More Information

samsungactive.jpg (17685 bytes)

Shutter Glasses for your new 3D Enabled TV! We have glasses for Samsung and Mitsubishi TVs and DLP-Link Projectors

Slide boxes and pages. Stereo Slide and View-Master Storage and Preservation

Our complete line of archival stereo pages.

3DI Monitor

This 3D Monitor has the highest resolution and widest viewing angle among any 3D stereoscopic monitors. Uses dual inputs! More info Great for live monitoring of dual cameras. 


More information about us.

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If we are not available to take your call please leave a message with your number and the best time to reach you.  We will attempt to return all calls.

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