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Adjustable ScreenScope  Improved Versions

Now with adjustable mirrors and with supplementary lenses included 

LCD    Desktop    Handheld

ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope

ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope

ScreenScope - Mirror Stereoscope

Bringing True 3D Viewing to your PC

Now in ever increasing demand, the ScreenScope brings true 3D viewing to your computer screen. Easily transported and erected, ScreenScope fits a variety of computer screens and avoids the need for expensive hardware upgrades. It is simple as "Clamp and Play" ScreenScope also offers improved user comfort and is completely free from screen flicker. Not only is the arm that moves the viewer adjustable  

The LCD version has a base which allows the ScreenScope to get further away form your monitor and is made for larger LCD screens (up to 24 inches).  The laptop and the CRT will work up to around 22 inches.  

The LCD version also doubles to offer a way to view large printed material in parallel format.  

All these also have adjustable mirrors which allow for easy viewing of many sizes of images.  

bullet Direct clamp to your monitor from 14" to 21" 
bulletAdjustable mirrors allow for easy viewing of many sizes of images.
bullet suitable for Laptops 
bullet Adjustable viewing of screen. 
bullet ABS molded stereo head. 
bullet Chrome surface mirrors. 
bullet Provision for personalized viewing lenses. 

bullet No screen flicker: Greater user comfort. 
bullet No expensive hardware upgrades are required. 
bullet Minimal setup time. As easy as "Clamp and Play" 
bullet Easily transported. 

Also included are the Supplementary Lens for ScreenScope which will slightly magnify the image.


3282 ScreenScope LCD adjustable, Now with supplementary lenses included (a $20 value) Assembly Instructions LCD AKA SA200LCD $299.95
327 ScreenScope Desktop (for CRT screens), Now adjustable, Now with supplementary lenses included (a $20 value) AKA SA200


329 ScreenScope Laptop Adjustable, Now with supplementary lenses included (a $20 value) Assembly Instructions Laptop SA200LT


328L Extra set of supplementary lenses for Screenscope

New  ScreenScope Handheld now with adjusting mirrors!

New Improved Version!

We now offer the ScreenScope Handheld.  This is the same optically as the two viewers mentioned above but includes a handle and does not clamp directly to the monitor.  This new  adjustable version can view almost any size pairs.   It can view side-by-side images on the computer as well as large side by side stereo photos printed photographically or on the computer.  It now comes with Supplementary Lens for ScreenScope which will slightly magnify the image.  The lenses are removable.  We also have a non-adjustable which only works on a very defined image size. 


ScreenScope Handheld adjustable Now with supplementary lenses included (a $10 value) SA200HHA


3272 ScreenScope handheld non Adjustable- Works for images around 12 inches wide total width for both images AKA SA200HH 69.96

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