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The Classic Nude in 3D

"The Classic Nude in 3D" by award winning photographer Greg Marshall is a collection of original black & white stereo nudes.  The book is offset printed on high quality paper with meticulous attention to print quality.  The fine art photos include both traditional and modern poses and treatment, but always respect and praise the human form.   The book is spiral bound in order to fold flat for easy 3D viewing.  

In addition, the book contains an essay on the history and cultural significance of the stereoscopic nude genre and many notes on the photographic techniques used.  8.5 x 11 inches, 49 pages, 39 photos, soft cover.  It is best viewer with a lorgnette or Loreo Lite Viewer.

"A stereo photo like 'Photonic Sculpture' is reminiscent of the work of Henry Moore or Constantin Brancusi.  The luminous reductionism of Edward Weston's (2D) black and white photography is also invoked.  Marshall is ingenious in having his models build variegated lines with their bodies, as with 'Cascade' or linear simplicity as with the stereo photo titled 'Peace.' "

["Reinventing the Nude," Ray Zone, Stereoscopy, Series 2, Number 60, Dec. 2004]


"Marshall appreciates and accepts the limits, contradictions, and challenges imposed by this rather specific artistic form, all the while plotting and guiding its expansion into the third dimension. ... About 70% of the images are outstanding examples of just how effectively 'classic' nude photography can be accomplished in 3-D, while the remaining 30% are good attempts that suffer only when compared to the others."

["Nudging a Classic Genre into the Third Dimension," John Dennis, Stereo World, Vol. 30, Number 5]



703 Classic Nude in 3D 34.95
3888B Loreo Lite Viewer with purchase of this 3D image book  (see listing of books here) 2.00
540 Plastic Stereo Card Viewer (Lorgnette) 2.95

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