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Viewmaster Collector Books Volume 1    Volume 2     Volume 3 New Supplement New Index

Volume 3Volume 3 - Showtime and Education Viewmaster Collector Books
Showtime and Education
Volume 3 - Showtime and Education

Now after years of waiting the much anticipated View-Master Reels and packets Volume 3 is available!

Available now!

Hardbound, 960 pages including two full-color sections of 32 pages each on glossy paper: one section shows View-Master Products, and the other one is called "View-Master Advertising".

The complete cover (front and back) is shown below.

6428 Viewmaster Collectors Book Volume 3- Showtime and Education $110.00


Table of Contents
(Volume 3 - Showtime and Education)
bulletGeneral information
bulletChapter 1: Special View-Master Releases
bulletChapter 2: View-Master with Sound
bulletChapter 3: Fairy Tales
bulletChapter 4: Children's Stories
bulletChapter 5: Christmas, Easter and Bible Stories
bulletChapter 6: Adventure, Cowboys and Indians
bulletChapter 7: Cartoon Favorites
bulletChapter 8: Television Shows and Movies
bulletChapter 9: The Wonderful World of Disney
bulletChapter 10: Natural History
bulletChapter 11: Various Subjects
bulletChapter 12: Music, Art and Architecture
bulletChapter 13: View-Master Games
bulletChapter 14: View-Master Medical Books
bulletChapter 15: Custom Reel Projects
bulletChapter 16: 3-D Book Productions
  1. Early Reels - Non-Scenics 1939-1969
  2. Unnumbered Packets - Non-Scenics 1948-1958
  3. Three-Reel Packets B300-B599 and T-Series 1958-1977
  4. Three-Reel Packets B600-B999 and G-Series 1958-1977
  5. E- and VL-Series 1958-1961
  6. Belgian D-Series 1970-1996
  7. H-Series - Complete Listing 1977
  8. J-Series - Complete Listing 1978
  9. K-Series - Complete Listing 1979
  10. L/M/N-Series - Complete Listing 1980-1982
  11. 1000-Series - Complete Listing 1982-1997
  12. 2000-Series - Complete Listing 1982-1997
  13. 3000-Series - Complete Listing 1982-1997
  14. 4000-Series - Complete Listing 1982-1997
  15. 7000-Series - Complete Listing 1982-1992
  16. 9000-Series - Complete Listing 1983
  17. The Fisher-Price Five-Digit Numbers - Complete Listing 1997-2011
  18. View-Master Bibliography
  19. View-Master on TV and in Movies
  20. The Colour Pages

The book also contains two 32-page full-colour sections:
• View-Master products
• View-Master advertising

Volume 3 - Showtime and EducationVolume 3 - Showtime and Education



Volume 3 - Showtime and EducationVolume 3 - Showtime and Education

Volume 3 - Showtime and Education

View-Master Reels and Packets- A Collector's Guide (Volume 1 World Travel)

This collectors guide is an overview of almost all World Travel reels and packets that have been issued since 1939.  It includes history, illustrations, reel list and many color and black and white illustrations. This is a must have for any Viewmaster collector, and a serious tome. It is hardbound and 238 pages.  It is written by Harry Zur Kleinsmiede.

VM page.jpg (172917 bytes)

SKU#6448     $ 59.95


View-Master Reels and Packets A Collector's Guide by Harry zur Kleinsmiede (Volume II USA and CANADA)

This is the 2nd volume of Harry zur Kleinsmiede's three-volume collector's guide to ViewMaster.  (The 3rd volume is not yet released.) It is a historical overview of View-Master Reels and Packets since its introduction. It is an absolute necessity for the View-Master collector in the world, written by Harry zur Kleinsmiede, who has been collecting View-Master Memorabilia longer than anyone else in the world, starting in 1952 when he was five years old.  

This second volume lists all the ViewMaster packets made of sites in the USA and Canada.  It also includes listings and contents of all North American Scenic reels and the reels made of Disney parks. This is an even larger book than the first volume and again a must have!

More Info    Review

6449 Viewmaster Collectors Guide Volume II (USA and Canada) $84.95

Viewmaster Supplement


The book has 480 pages including eight full color sections of four pages each.  It is a hardcover.  

The book follows the three volumes and gives additional information, unknown issues, new releases, excerpts from dealer magazines, and much more.

Also it gives an overview of Reel Lists and Order Forms that have been available for the consumer market until February 1980. As one collector says: "Reel Lists today are collected for their dated information, a glimpse into the past, providing a time line for the issue of reels. They are also collected for their beauty and variety as accessories or peripheries of View-Master collecting."

Table of Contents 
bulletVolume 1: World Travel
bulletVolume 2: U.S.A. and Canada
bulletVolume 3: Showtime and Education
bulletReel Lists and Mail Order Forms
View-Master Reel Lists 1939-1944 / View-Master Reel Lists 1945-1950 / View-Master Reel Catalogs 1946-1949 / SP(ecial) Local View-Master / Reel Lists 1949-1951 / View-Master Reel Lists 1951-1957 / Canadian View-Master Reel Lists 1948-1955 / View-Master Library Lists 1955-1956 / View-Master Packet Lists 1956-1958 / Free Subject Lists in the 1960's / View-Master Mail Order Forms 1958-1972 / European View-Master Mail Order Forms 1962-1969 / Talking View Master Mail Order Forms 1970-1972 / View-Master Mail Order Forms 1973-1980 / View-Master Vacation Travel Guides 1984-1985 / International View-Master Reel and Packet Lists / Information and services for View-Master dealers / Personal View-Master Reel services


  1. View-Master "Look Alikes"
  2. Alpha Cine View-Master Packets
  3. Basic Fun View-Master
  4. The Colour Pages
    Colour section 1: Alpha Cine View-Master 
    Colour section 2: Various View-Master and Meopta 
    Colour section 3: Fisher-Price View-Master from Mexico 
    Colour section 4: The Earliest View-Master Reels 
    Colour section 5: View-Master Advertising and the Personal Cameras 
    Colour section 6: Basic Fun View-Master 
    Colour section 7: Reel Lists and Product Catalogs 
    Colour section 8: View-Master Promotion for Dealers
6442 Viewmaster Collectors guide supplement $84.95


Viewmaster Index

SupplementThe Index to the Four Volumes is softbound and contains 68 pages including four pages in full colour. There are references to almost 2,000 items.

It also contains some extras not included in the four volumes:

- The Great View-Master Trivia Quiz (so that you can test your View-Master knowledge) 
- “Traveling’s Fun” 1958 Summer Promotion 
- Historical marker at Oregon Caves National Monument (installed May 16, 2015) 
- Image of unreleased “Captain EO” blister pack starring Michael Jackson 
- Two covers of unreleased Belgium packets 
- Old advertisement from the 1950’s and 1960’s


6441 Viewmaster Collectors Index $21.95


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