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The Collectable Stereo Viewers Guide 
by Keith Clatworthy

JUST PUBLISHED! The revised edition of the successful book
 "The Collectable Stereo Viewers Guide" by Keith Clatworthy, first published in 2006.

This book has an updated price guide for Stereo Viewers and View-Master reels, now priced in US dollars. Printed using the offset printing process for top quality images far in excess of the original 2005 edition. Now with 192 pages, 32  in full colour, over 250 pictures AND at a lower price!!!
GET IT NOW; 192 pages of Stereo Viewer Collectables. A must-have for every stereoviewer and stereoviews collector!

  6427  Viewmaster Price Guide  $29.95

Revised 2006 Edition

The Collectable Stereo Viewers Guide is an informative and visual identification reference for collectors in the fascinating world of stereo viewers.

Covered in the first half of the book is the range of View-Master viewers, up to the year 2000, together with details of over twenty other non View-Master manufactured stereo viewers from around the world.

The second half of the book contains a value reference guide for View-Master and non View-Master Viewers, together with the values of over three thousand View-Master Reels and Packets. The values have been taken from the  continuous monitoring of online auctions, private auctions and collectors fairs.

Guidance is given to help you adjust the values in line with the condition of the item being considered.  Click here for some PDF pages of the book.

 This is an indispensable item for any serious stereo viewer or View-Master reel collector.

This new 2006 edition book will appeal to collectors interested in Stereo-Viewers and View-Master Reels.
It is an ideal reference guide to take to Antique Fairs, Car Boot Sales or use for online auctions.
192 pages

The book includes information on View-Master Models  A ,B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, 12, L, M, N, View-Master Face Viewers (Mickey Mouse, Batman, Casper) Talking View-Masters, View-Master Projectors, Compact Folding View-Masters, Clones, Harry Potter Viewer. View-Master Cameras, Reels, non View-Master Stereo Viewers include Stereoclic, Stori-view, Bruguiere, Colorelief, Folding Viewers, Lestrade, Meopta Meoskop, Photo-Scope, Radex, Romo, Russian, StereoRama, Stereobox, Tru-Vue and other miscellaneous 3d viewers.

Also contains Stereo Viewer Value Guide and View-Master Reel Value Guide.
(based on prices realised on eBay, private auctions, trade fairs and other sources)

6427 Viewmaster Price Guide $29.95



Viewmaster Price Guide

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