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SCOTTY'S CASTLE, Death Valley California
Anyone who has visited Death Valley in the summer, or fall and spring for that matter, knows the extreme heat that accompanies the visit.  Here is a chance to see the site without working up a sweat.  Learn a little of the unique story and the home of "Death Valley Scotty" .

Includes 21 views on 3 Viewmaster reels.  In a handy reusable blister pack!


  Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, CA



1. Scotty's Castle, Begun in 1922 by "Death Valley Scotty" and Albert Johnson

2. Nearby Springs Supplied Abundant Water

3. Swimming Pool Was Never Completed

4. Tower with 25 Chimes Which Sound Every Quarter Hour

5. Courtyard—Castle is Blend of Moorish, Spanish, Italian and California Mission Architecture

6. Scotty's Grave—He Died in 1954 at Age 82

7. Original Cabin—Scotty Was a Prospector and 20-Mule Team Driver


1. Scotty's Bedroom—With His "Trademark" Hat and Red Tie

2. Living Room—Hand-Carved Beams and Intricate Ironwork

3. Music Room—Johnsons Entertained Guests with Music

4. Guest Room—Many Famous People Stayed Here

5. Fireplace—100,000 Ties from Defunct Railroad Provided Fuel

6. Dining Room—Scene of Many Sumptuous Meals

7. Kitchen—Modern Equipment, Even by Today's Standards


1. Power House Contained Water-Powered Electric Generator

2. Harmony Borax Works—Start of 165-Mile Trips for 20-Mule Teams

3. Alluvial Fan, Tons of Rock Washed into Valley Floor by Rain

4. Wild Burros, Probably Descended from Spanish Pack Animals

5. Rhyolite, NV, Booming Town in 1904, Deserted by 1911

6. Bottle House, Made of 51,000 Bottles

7. Rhyolite Train Station Once Served a Town of over 10,000 People


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