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3D CDs

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Software for Processing Stereo Images

Pokescope 3D

This software can turn your 3D images into anaglyphs or nice side by side images you can view or print from your computer.


Anaglyph    Anaglyph and Stereo Pair    Stereo Pair    


These CDs require and include anaglyph (red/blue) 3D Glasses.

civilwarcd.jpg (195002 bytes)

Civil War Picture CD (includes 48 3D Images)

Build your own Civil war library with this comprehensive collection of Civil War pictures on CD-ROM.  This feature-packed CD is a great resource with dozens of uses and includes many 3D and 2D images of the Civil War.

More Info

6883 Civil War in 3D CD $18.95

New York, a CD-ROM Tour, in 3D

This exciting CD-Rom Produces some of the nicest full-color anaglyphic images you'll ever see on your computer monitor.  There are 80 stereo views of every type of scene imaginable, from aerial overviews to close-up street scenes.  You may select from automated viewing with sound effects and narration, or manual viewing in which you control the rate at which images are presented.  The 5 x 7 inch storage box is designed that all you have to do is tape it closed, fill out the address section, apply postage, drop it in the mail to anyone you know who would enjoy these superb views of the big apple. More Info

6881 New York in 3D $14.95

Pathfinder and the Best of Mars

This CD contains 150 pictures on CD all royalty free, several video clips and 20 3D images from Mars.  All the images are generated from JPL first generation digital images.  The 3D images are anaglyphic (red/blue) and a pair of 3D glasses is included!  Also screen savers are included.  These images were taken by the Pathfinder landing craft and are all printable and usable.

Where before there was a flat plain we now see gulleys and canyons.  Yogi, barnacle bill and other formations will literally leap out at you from your monitor.  MAC and PC. More info.

6886 Pathfinder, Mars in 3D CD-Rom $14.95

3587f.jpg (589230 bytes)

Old World Art in 3D

European Art and Architectural Treasures CD

This is a collection of over 400 up to one megabyte jpg photos of the worlds greatest dimensional art objects.  It contains European street flavor, and famous buildings like you've never seen them in 3D detail.  More Info.

6887 European Art and Architectural Treasures 3DCD $5.95



Anaglyph    Anaglyph and Stereo Pair    Stereo Pair    All Methods and Shutter Glasses

Mixed: Stereo Pair, Anaglyph

These require and include 3D glasses and a Lorgnette for viewing pairs.

longstgeorge.jpg (400288 bytes)

Art in Depth Paintings converted to Stereo

These include samples of Jim Long's 3D Conversions.  Jim is considered to be one of the Worlds foremost 3D converters shows a great deal of his work here.  They are presented in both Anaglyph and side by side format here.  Of special note is a PowerPoint presentation that includes a 20 minute tour of the photos in anaglyph format with music.  The PowerPoint plug in is included with the CD.  For more information on how to do your own conversions from 2D to 3D, please see the DVD on doing your 3D Conversions. More Info.

6893 Art in Depth 19.95
wpe8_copy(1).jpg (100248 bytes)

Mineral World in 3D

This is a very professionally done CD of minerals and in 2D and 3D.  The images are done stereoscopically in Anaglyph and side by side pairs.  They have a wealth of information on the scientific names of the minerals and rich photographs. More Info.


6888 Mineral World in 3D $24.95

lewisandclark.jpg (176050 bytes)

Lewis and Clark Interactive 3D Picture CD

This CD is the first interactive picture CD. It was made from images by long time View-Master photographer Charlie Van Pelt.  Taken over several years the photos take you on the trail with Lewis and Clark.  Follow an interactive map of Lewis and Clarks adventure and see the images in 3D.    The CD gives you a choice of 3 different viewing options, 2D, Anaglyphic or side-by-side. More info

 6884 Lewis and Clark Virtual 3D tour, with 3D glasses and Lorgnette $19.95

Bill Walton CD Project

This CD-ROM includes a historical collection of over 1,000 modern stereoviews presented as both stereo pairs and as anaglyphs. The backs of each stereoview are also presented to document what is contained in the 3-D image on the card. 

Several years ago Bill created a book, "BACK TO BASICS: INFANTRY ONE STATION UNIT TRAINING IN 3-D." This book contains 75 black & white stereo pairs of today's infantry soldiers' initial training at Fort Benning, Georgia. This CD includes many more images that were taken during the creation process of this book. Plus many other stereo photos.

6890 Bill Walton CD  New low price 34.95  $19.95

blumsnake.jpg (43209 bytes)

Animals CD Project

This CD contains almost 500 modern and antique stereo images of various members of the animal kingdom including bugs, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, various animals, etc. These are presented as both stereo pairs and anaglyphs (almost 1,000 images - the anaglyphs in a new color format that we think will surprise you with it's quality...) More info.

6892 Animals 3D CD Project New low price 34.95 $19.95

Anaglyph    Anaglyph and Stereo Pair    Stereo Pair   


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